Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

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Real estate transactions involving commercial property depend on a complicated matrix of laws, legal rights, and policies that can become the matter of a legal dispute. One common area of contention in real estate litigation involves the real estate contract. In order to minimize the possibility of a dispute, it is essential to have a well thought-out agreement.

In addition to contract disputes, litigation can arise from mortgage disputes, defaults and foreclosure, as well as conflicts related to title, land use, and leasing. In the event that a dispute cannot be avoided, a qualified attorney can help resolve the matter.

The law firm of Carico Macdonald Kil & Benz LLP has extensive experience resolving disputes in the courts, as well as through a variety of other mechanisms such as arbitration and administrative proceedings.
We represent a wide range of clients including individual owners and developers, buyers and sellers, and businesses involved in diverse residential and commercial projects.

The real estate attorneys at Carico Johnson Toomey have expertise in a variety of commercial litigation matters, including:

• Partnership Disputes
• Enforcement of purchase and sale agreements
• Fraud
• Title issues
• Easement rights
• Survey disputes
• Commercial leases
• Covenants and restrictions
• Zoning and variance issues
• Foreclosure

Our real estate attorneys have experience in clearing title, resolving disputed easements, and litigating fraudulent conveyance. We have thorough knowledge of landlord tenant law and represent landlords and tenants in disputed lease arrangements, including matters like fair market rental valuation, lease renewal and purchase options, failure to disclose, permitted use, and building code issues.

While real estate transactions are often successfully executed without major conflicts, problems can arise from transaction irregularities or zoning issues, boundary disputes, and title issues, and even fraud.
If you need help resolving a dispute involving commercial real estate, contact the law firm of Carico Macdonald Kil & Benz LLP.